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NJMSE Volume 10; Issue 2; December 2020: Table of Content
pp. 109-118 Preparation and Assessment of Biodegradable Polyurethane Foams from Sugar Bagasse Ekebafe Lawrence, Akpa F. A. Omolade, Olugbemide David A.
pp.99-108 Profiling Biodiesel Produced from African Mahogany Seed at 1% NaOH Catalyst and Multiple Methanol Molar Ratios. Ishaya Zamani Donald; Pam Gyang Yakubu; Kulla Dangan Mallam; and Giwa Abdulraheem.
pp. 91-98 Investigating Patients' Education on the Role of Footwear in Diabetic Foot-Care Tagang Irmiya Jerry and Chen Robert Chien-Chung
pp. 81-90 Development of a Low-Cost Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF) 3-D Desktop Printer. Oluwajobi Akinjide Olufemi and Osunkoya Ruth Oluwseun
pp. 68-80 Green Synthesis and Characterisation of Magnetite Nanoparticles Using Factorial Design of Experiment. Olasupo Olayode Adesola, Abdulkareem Ambali Saka, Kovo Abdulsalami Sani and Abubakre Oladiran Kamardeen
pp. 60-67 Evaluation of the Effects of Weight Fraction on the Average Crystallite Size of ZnO Supported Bio-Waste Activated Carbon Composites Onuoha David Chikaorama, Egbe Evudiovo Apha Peter, Abdulrahman Asipita Salawu and Abdulkareem Ambali Saka
pp. 51-59 Agronomic Usefulness of Anaerobic Slurry on Tomato (Lycopersicum Esculentum) Seedlings Maliki Muniratu and Ikhuoria Esther U.
NJMSE Volume 10; Issue 1; May 2020: Table of Content
pp. 42-50 Impedance and Modulus Spectroscopy of Nanocrystallite Barium Titanate Ceramic Using Mechanochemical Method. Muazu Alhassan, Ahmadu Umaru, Auwalu Inusa A., Zangina Tasiu, Nura Abdullahi and Maharaz M. Nasir.
pp. 37-41 Physicochemical and Heavy Metals Analysis of Water from Different Sources in Usen, Edo State, Nigeria. Maliki Muniratu, Inobeme Abel, Kelani Tawakalit Omolara and Eziukwu Chinenye A.
pp. 30-36 Effect of Counterface Material on Tribological Behavior of AISI 304L Stainless Steel Under Marginally Lubricated Contact. Olofinjana Bolutife, Ajayi Oyelayo, Lorenzo-Martin Cinta, Ajayi Ezekiel Oladele Bolarinwa.
pp. 24-29 Comparative Activity of Undoped TiO2 and 5% N-TiO2 for Photocatalytic Degradation of Indigo Carmine Dye. Oyegbami Victoria Bola, Odebunmi Ezekiel Oluyemi, Odeyemi Omolola Titilayo and Gbadamosi Mustapha Tunde.
pp. 18-23 Synthesis and Surface Characterisation of Cu-Doped Tin Oxide Thin Film for Optoelectronic Applications. Adewumi Olusegun Emmanuel, Taleatu Bidini Alade, Adewinbi Saheed Adekunle, Busari Rafiu Adewale, Oyedotun Kabir Oyeniran and Omotoso Ezekiel
pp. 10-17 Optimization of the Green Synthesis of Tin Oxide Nanoparticles by Response Surface Methodology (RSM) using Box-Behnken Design. Kareem Aduagba Ganiyu; Abdulrahman Asipita Salawu; Abdulkareem Ambali Saka and Tijani Jimoh Oladejo
pp. 1-9 Microstructure and Hardness Profiles of Hybrid Laser-Arc Welded Joint for UltrahighStrength Steel. Olugbade Emmanuel, Zhou Bin, Ikeagwuonu Clement, Yang Li, and Huang Gen-Zhe
NJMSE Volume 9 December 2019: Cover Page
1. Feasibility of Synthesizing Potassium Carbonate Powder from Plantain Peels for Possibly Soap Making Ayinla Baba Kuranga I., Alafara A., Elelu Sheu-Alimi, Adio Oseni, Bankim Tripathy Ch., OpadotunDare, Musa Benjamen
2. Physicochemical Parameters and Heavy Metals Characterization of Soil from Okpella Mining Area in Edo State, Nigeria Edema O. G., Inobeme A., Adekoya M. A., Olori E. and Obigwa P. A.
3. The Finite Element Modelling of Selective Laser Melting of Metals. Oluwajobi A.O. and Adebowale I.I.
4. Finite Element Modelling of the Effect of Cutting Speed on Machining NST 37-2 Steel. Oluwajobi A.O. and Egbebode O.E.
5. 3-D Printing as a Veritable Tool for STEM and Non-Technical Education. Oyelami A.T.
NJMSE Volumes 7A & 8; December 2017 & 2018: Cover page
1. Quantitative Evaluation of Carbon-Enriched Stabilised Austenite in Cast Austempered Ductile Iron of Varying Section Thickness. pp. 1 - 9 Olawale John Oluyemi, Ibitoye Simeon Ademola and Oluwasegun Kunle Michael.
2. Dissolution Potential of a Nigerian Complex Covellite Ore by Ammonia-Ammonium Chloride Solution. pp. 10 - 15 Balogun Ayo F., Baba Alafara A., Abdulkareem Aishat Y., Raji Mustapha A., Olasinde Fausat T., Muhammed Muhammed O. and Adekola Folahan A.
3. Synergistic Effect of Natural and Synthetic Polymers as Drag Reducing Agents in Single Phase Water Flow. pp. 16 - 22 Gimba Mohammad M., Edomwonyi-Otu Lawrence, Abubakar Abdulraheem and Nurudeen Yusuf.
4. Characterization of Sulphated Cellulose Nanocrystals as Stabilizer for Magnetite Nanoparticles Synthesis with improved Magnetic Properties. pp. 23 - 31 Omorogbe Stanley O., Ikhuoria Esther U., Igiehon Lauretta I., Agbonlahor Osazuwa G., Ifijen Hilary I., Aigbodion Aireguamen I.
5. Synthesis and Characterization of Ni/Mo Nanocatalysts on Alumina and Zeolite Supports. pp. 32 - 43 Olaremu Abimbola George, Odebunmi Ezekiel Oluyemi and Anderson A. James.
1. NJMSE Volume 7 Number 2 (2016)
2. NJMSE Volume 7 Number 1 (2016)
3. NJMSE Volume 6 (2015)
NJMSE Volume 5; No.1; 2014
1. Investigation and comparison of the optimal condition for the production of biodiesel from shea butter oil and groundnut oil using homogeneous catalysis. pp. 1 - 5 N. Yusuf
2. Intercalation of anionic surfactants into Zn-Al hydrotalcites of varying composition: preparation and characterization. pp. 6 - 12 S. I. Omonmhenle and I. J. Shannon
3. Phytochemicals and antimicrobial screening of an indigenous Caesalpinia Coriaria (Divi-Divi). pp. 13 - 17 E. N. Oparah, I. Akawu, D. P. Feka, C. Emeka, B. O. Agho, D. A. Adams and A. Fatai
4. Electrical characterisation and microstructure of metal oxide-doped ZnO varistors. pp. 18 - 21 J.O. Akinnifesi and O.O. Akinwunmi
5. Assessment of physical properties of some selected clay deposits in Jigawa state for refractory application. pp. 22 - 27 Mahdi Makoyo and Yau Yusuf
6. A proposed design framework for the provision of appropriate footwear for people suffering with diabetics. pp. 28 - 34 J. I. Tagang, C. C. Chen, E. Pei and N. Higgett
7. Oil-water flows characteristics in pipes of different diameter. pp. 35 - 40 L. C. Edomwonyi-Otu A. Hernandez-Barral and P. Angeli
8. Extraction of atili (blackdate) oil from the pulp using aqueous biphase system. pp. 41 - 44 N. S. Maina and O.J. Okoko
9. Bleaching of atili (blackdate) oil for use as white oil. pp. 45 - 48 N. S. Maina, A.O. Ameh and O. Edoh
10. Physical properties of subgrade soils from Nigerian highway master test section 1 (Kano-Kaduna region). pp. 49 - 53 A. A. Murana, A. T. Olowosulu and M. Joel
11. Modelling reliability of distribution network fault diagnostic tools using petri-nets. pp. 54 - 59 P.U. Okorie, U. O. Aliyu, B. Jimoh and S.M. Sani
12. Electrical conduction and dielectric loss characteristics in natural ester dielectric fluid. pp. 60 - 67 A. A. Abdelmalik
13. Effect of groundnut shell ash on the particle size and plasticity characteristics of black cotton soil. pp. 68 - 72 T. S. Ijimdiya
14. Processing, degradation and applications of synthetic biodegradable polymers: A review. pp. 73 - 84 P.S. Ukanah, S. Gadimoh, S.U. Ameuru
15. Synthesis and characterization of chitosan from locust. pp. 85 - 91 O. A. Alani, M. K. Yakubu, M. M. Bukhari, S. Gadimoh


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